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In 1971 an 18 year-old girl bought a brand-new ts90 Suzuki motorcycle and left the cycle shop ready to venture into the world.  And she did just that – riding country roads to where sky met cow fields, city streets to new and strange-seeming neighborhoods, and highways to places that felt novel and amazing to the down-home, local girl.  With it began an adventure that has lasted a lifetime.

I was that girl.  And still am.  As years passed, marriage and children came; yearnings for education, fueled by inquisitiveness about the human condition, led to a doctorate in counseling psychology and teaching as an adventure that followed.  And time made its indelible marks, bringing gifts to savor along with the marks of time. Long ago, the ts90 had been sidelined, kept in a corner of a basement.

But this past summer saw its resurrection.  The son who had long eyed it, cloaked under its tarp throughout his childhood, who understood its meaning to his mother, who now rides a not-so-little motorcycle himself, became its savior.  Running like a champ and made road-worthy again, the girl renews her love affair – not just with the little motorcycle that made its way over highways and byways in years past but with the sense of adventure and empowerment it brought to that 18 year-old year girl.

And that’s the thing.  We can’t know what forces or events have brought a person to where he or she is in life at any given time.  There is always more to any story, whether it is about a person’s life or something new happening in our world, than is immediately apparent. Still fueled by inquisitiveness about the human condition, it is my pleasure to examine stories behind the events and trends of our times.  As a psychologist, I draw from theory and professional insight.  As a journalist, I combine those research skills with a love of storytelling and the craft of writing.

Information about my work experience can be found here: Resume.  Please feel welcomed to contact me at ms@maryannschroder.com.

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